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    Need help with front and rear differentials!!!

    I recently put a brushless motor in my rally and I keep tearing up the differentials. I have the metal pinion and spur gear up front and the aluminum solid spool in the rear. I don't know what else to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyrano2040 View Post
    Big trouble in little Rally/Teton

    The LaTrax Rally/Teton are great 1/18 cars except for the f***g diffs. They have metal gears but chinese-plastic spiders and out-drives so any upgrades to the car will see you destroying diffs sooner or later. A brushless + Lipo combination will eat the plastic parts like breakfast cereal in a few minutes…


    High budget:

    -Team Associated RC18 all-steel ball diffs: excellent but very expensive. You have to shorten the front out-drive a little bit to install it. I broke three stock diffs before switching to this full metal upgrade on my Teton but now I’m very satisfied.

    You need to assemble these parts:
    - GPM RC18 Steel Diff Gear (35t) and Input (14t)
    - RC18T, 18B, 18MT Diff Rebuild Kit (ASC21115)
    - 3Racing RC18 Heavy Duty Ball Diff Tube Joint

    For a longer diffs life you can also replace the stock balls with carbide construction ones (ASCC3347).

    (Thanks to Wolfpaw for the contribution)
    wow, sounds like I will just sell mine. I have barely used it in less than a year of owning it. drove mine just a handful of times with stock battery, then switched to the lipo, car lasted maybe 5 min then just stopped, steering worked, but wouldn't move, checked motor, it was blazing hot, sent it back to traxxas, they replaced the motor, ever since I have to be gentle and barely throttle/trigger it so motor don't overheat.
    running with stock is fine, but lipo is too hard on it( and yes I turn on the lvc ), car is wicked quick wit lipo.
    and being the car is so small (I'm used to 1\10), I don't really have anyplace fun to use it, it better suited for slick concrete and/or indoor carpet tracks. I've tried parks and schools, but even on asphalt just the smallest pebbles throw it off track and can even flip it. another problem is I have never been able to drive it in a straight line, no matter how much I barely adjust the trim, it will drift one way or the other.
    so now with this new problem, it drives, it just don't have that quick launch/punch it used to have, I can hear a slight slip/grind at a start from a dead stop. just a visual ck and everything seems fine, turn either front wheel wit finger and opposite one spins, smoothly no hangups, try either rear wheel and there is hangups, they don't spin freely wit finger , take off pinion n spur cover , everything looks good, mesh n teeth are fine, hand turn the spur and driveshaft spins and all 4 wheels turn, except left rear has a slight jerkiness to it. so I take rear diff housing apart, gears look fine.

    so I'm assuming it might be in the outdrives, but at same time sounds like I need rebuild diff and beef it up, but after reading all that I would need, and to do. not really worth it to me. so looks like I'll be selling it, heck, thing probably been used less than 15 times, looks brand new.

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