Hello all,

I have been using my KB for months and it survived pretty harsh crashes (like hitting wall corners, sideways, on to wheels, full speed). I can clearly say that if you upgrade your toe links or axle carriers with aluminum ones, you will bend your axle stubs and rims. As a result of the crashes, my tires began wobbling side-to-side and up-down. Before ordering new axles, I tried a thing. As we have hex nuts tightening and centering the rim, we have 6 mounting options (circularly, due to 6 sides of hex). I marked the bent-in (nearest point to the chassis) area of the rim and re-mounted it onto the opposite side of the hex, thus while hex is stand still, I turned the rim 180 degrees and mounted. Wobbling significantly decreased. This is due to I managed to bend both rim and axle tip, maybe squeezed plastic hex nut to the one side. So this is a cheap fix for a short time and I will need whole new rims, hexes and axles for the future.

I hope this also eases wobbling for you too.

Have a good day!