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    I'm glad you enjoyed the story. It's been a lot of fun on this end of it too.

    I'm really liking the swampers, a bit better than the trenchers I think. They are decent in the snow too. I just tried them today. Sand paws x 4 is still king in the snow though. Pretty cool watching the snow fly.

    The t bone front bumper works pretty good but I'm considering changing to a slash front bumper. Looks a little more realistic in my opinion. I don't crash nearly as much as I used to so the t bone isn't doing all that much. Not sure anything is going to help at 60 mph anyway.
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    I went with the TBR XV3 instead of the other basher bars. It's more realistic but still looks like it gives enough clearance to accommodate an emaxx body nicely. Instead of a wheelie bar I'm going to go with a Slash rear bumper I think and will do the wheel mod on it. That or something else aftermarket. The body I have to get a Ram 1500 body since I drive one myself...have to do it.

    I did the Sand Paws on the rear with the Trenchers on the front and it's worked well in what limited snow we've had here in Ohio. It's been a lean year for that for us.

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