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    ez peak plus problem ? broken repair help?

    I have the ez peak plus. it has stopped working from house current but still works off the aligator clips and a car battery.

    When I plug it into the wall. NOTHING happens. ( I pluged a lamp into the same cocket afterwards LOL )

    When using the aligator clips and a car battery it works normally.

    So i asume the power inverter has shorted somehow / somewhere internally...... anybody had this happen? anybody know of a fix??

    The traxxas warantee is more $ than a new charger so i am not going that route.

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    This post is pretty old now, but I'm having the exact same problem as of today. Did you (or anyone) have a solution to this??

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    Bought mine. Worked for 30 seconds then smelled like smoke and doesn't even turn on anymore.

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