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    Question placement of the shocks help..... Please

    I installed front and rear sway bars on rally now where to mount the shocks

    I have a 1/10 rally and I do a lot of street and flat dirt driving. So where should I mount the shocks to get better turns. Im dont need them for jumping but more or less for better handling. Please upload a pic or image to explain your answer please.

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    I don't have a picture of what I am going to tell you. On the lower a arm, you want to use the holes that are closest to the wheels. On the shock tower you want to either use the center hole or the hole closest to the center of the truck.
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    Here's how my slash lcg was set up. I had the arms positioned in a way to make them level to the ground at rest to get the best handling for grass and concrete.

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    There are too many factors in chassis set up to generalize to one specific silver bullet, however Elsob's settings are good for what you want. Do some reading and see what works best for you and your terrain and driving style.

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