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    rumor of 19 motors for the alias from micro motor warehouse

    Hey everybody ,Just got an email back from benedikt at mmw. I asked him if the rumor was true about possibly coming out with a 19.000kv motor for the's his reply. Hey Steve,

    I havent heard that yet.. who said that?
    The 17.000Kv is already the limit. Any faster, and the motor will melt.
    Sorry, thats as fast as it goes!

    We actually plan in the other direction:
    Slower motors and larger props, to increase payload capacity..

    Benedikt ............. So now we all know straight from the man himself. Keep flyin ,Steve

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    Actually thats exactly what I was hoping for. Lower rpm motor, bigger props, more payload = the ability to lift a mobius camera easily AND with a slower motor, increased flight time per battery.

    Of course it may not be so great for you acrobatic flying guys.
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