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    An introductory greeting, a moment that's fleeting, and my first mod worth seeing.

    === GREETING ===

    I decided to rebuild my RC vehicles and I realized that my bashing was out of control and needed some replacement parts; the LHS was out of stock, so while I waited... I decided it was "time" and I purchased a LaTrax Alias (blue).

    Such a great decision, I was afraid of the famed "motor problem" that the interwebz is awash with, but I've run over a dozen packs through mine in the last 4 days with no issues.

    Before I purchased my quad, I checked out several videos and read lots of posts here on the forums. The reason I even registered is to show my appreciation for the info.

    === QUICK STORY ===

    I thought I had started to pick up the flight pretty well, and was outside my house flying ("practicing") this evening when I caught a strong updraft and the wind stole my 'copter.

    It took a hard right with the wind and sailed over my neighborhood and all the trees. I tried to correct, but couldn't get my directional bearings; by the time I figured out the navigation it was too late, even at full tilt back towards me I watched in dismay as it slowly fell back to earth in the distance.

    I figured I had just blown (pun intended) $150. I drove around the blocks trying to find it with no luck. UNTIL I remembered seeing a helpful post by noir-522.

    I set off walking through the neighborhood with TX in hand toward the general direction I had seen it fall. After meeting half a dozen strangers in my search I was ready to give up and turn back when my TX beeped. I walked back and forth down the street watching the TX show the signal of the RX to narrow my search. Thankfully it had gone from dusk to night and the copter had landed upside down allowing the LEDs in the legs to shine its location!

    I tried to knock on the door of the residence, and that's another story of it's own. I made a girl cry, the neighborhood watch was called, and I met some new people. Long story short: I got my baby back.

    WOO! So I found it by the graces of luck and stubbornness... and that post. It was a great idea and helped me recover my Alias! Thx guys.

    === First small mod ===

    I couldn't take it. That dang blue light! Every item/post/review/tutorial says to fly nose-out, neglecting to mention that you'll go blind when that blue LED spotlights you right in the eyeholes.

    From other various mods I've done to my rally and stampede I knew that frosting the LED would help diffuse it, and shaving it down to the diode would help as well. I busted out the dremel and used some LightDims to tame that light.

    It is barely noticeable now with the lightdims.

    Pretty much flush with the battery holder.

    Here's the light on.

    With the legs on for brightness comparison....

    It's a bit hard to see, but this is the copter on a flat, white surface. The throw from the light is less than the length of the rear white prop which is faintly visible in the pic.

    For pete's sake. I have another idea on what to do, but I am waiting on some replacement parts; we shall see how it goes.

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    Creative ingenuity, welcome to the forum. Glad my post could help you. I realized how the battery signal could help you locate yor alias WEEKS after my battery was dead. So mine was lost for good.

    nice mod you have there. I just love creative modifications. My next mod is a signal buzzer that you can activate from the controller whenever you loose your alias. I plan to connect it to the lights so as you flash the lights it will buzz also. My first issue is the fact that the lights come on as soon as the batteries are plugged in. Im trying to see if the alias can be reprogrammed to start with the lights off.
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    The lightbar and the camera both use plugs for ports that are already present on the 'copter, no?

    I'd bet that you could tap into those for power and assign the L2 or A1/A2 functions to it.

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    Hi Noir, when u do the buzzer mod, please let me know how you do it.

    I fly in a park that has tall trees at it's edges and beyond that Brush city, all open natural space,
    well the other day got the Alias so far away, by accident, couldn't determine front
    from rear and of course the TX buzzer went off, tried in vain to figure which way it was flying, but
    nope, so watched helplessly as my bird went down, and just after finishing all my mods. So the
    long and short of it and no poison ivy, I found it, amazed me given the terrain, the buzzer would
    certainly of helped. So let me know.
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