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    Help needed please!! XO1 Questions

    Hi, i am from the UK and needed some help, there is no one to contact from traxxas in the UK so thought i would try on here-

    1. Firstly i am wanting to buy an XO1 in the next couple of weeks but wanted to know if the docking station will work with an iphone 6 plus or ipad mini?

    2. Will the base clips at the bottom of the base that hold the device hold an iphone 6 plus or an ipad mini?

    3. Which are the best batteries and chargers to start off with? im not going for 100mph straight away and would rather start off on 2x 2s lipos to get used to the car.

    4. What upgrade/mods can be done on the car?

    Ps i have seen a video online where the docking station has been modded to hold an ipad mini- has anyone else done this? And how?


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    Hi and welcome to the traxxas community

    The TQI system holder isn't really designed for anything larger than say an iPhone 4/5, and the first generation system will only fit with an older iPhone or iPod touch with the 30 pin dock connector. If you purchase a car with the new system, they will connect via bluetooth, but you'll still need to work out your own mounting system. Now i've not personally testing the TQI and traxxas link with the newer IOS 8, but I know for sure that it worked with IOS 7, and it works back to iOS 4.3.

    In terms of batteries, it really depends on how much you have to spend. Ideally you want hardcase lipos batteries and a specific lipo balance charger. When purchasing lipo batteries, look for the highest C rating you can get, because the XO-1 will really eat your batteries alive with the large motor and ESC. I'm due to collect my XO-1 in a few weeks time, then will be building it over the winter and I won't be running much above 2 x 2S packs to begin with either. the packs i'm planning on running are through an international hobby warehouse - 50-100c 2S 5300mah packs running in series to give 4S total.

    In terms of upgrades, it really depends what you want to do, how much you have to spend, and what you want to achieve with the upgrades. There are a large number of parts that are shared with other traxxas cars, like the slash, revo, emaxx, slayer etc depending on what you're looking to do. I've already purchased new c-hubs, a new bodyshell and i'm planning on upgrading the drag link on the steering, the diff casings, the a-arms, sway bars, dish wheels and possibly a few shock mods too. I'm setting mine up more as a fast circuit car than purely a 100mph straight-line racer.

    I hope this helps and once again, welcome to the community

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