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    Hey I am a slash 4x4 owner but am selling trading my slash and was offered a slayer pro on a trade and was wondering how hard is it to tune and keep the engine running good and is there a Ton of maintannce I know it will have more than the slash and what parts are prone to break frequently thx !!

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    Nitro is not hard to tune once you get a little knowledge and experience doing it. Definitely not like throwing a charged battery in and having fun.
    It took me sometime to become good at tuning (with a little help from a friend) and getting to what I call the sweet spot of the powerband. Anyone who has the patience to learn and not give up after a few tries can get it. No one will master it as there are climate conditions and conditions of your vehicle to consider.
    As far as maintenance, not any more than what you have done to your Slash. Storing with after run oil is like keeping your battery at the correct charge as not to damage them. Cleaning, adjusting, tightening, lubing all fall under maintenance for any R/C to keep them running strong and lasting longer than the person who does none or little maintenance.
    What parts to expect to break? Depends on the above suggestions and your driving habits.
    I have owned my Slayer Pro (actually it's my 12 yr. olds) for over 6 month's and the only part I found weak was the steering servo. Stripped the internal gears 3 times till I went with a metal gear servo.
    My son drives it at the local track which is more designed for buggies and truggies and has no problems at all.
    All I can say is this is one of the best trucks I ever owned and I am looking to get another.

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