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    DETUNE my son's TETON

    Hey guys. I'm new to this forum. Here's my question: I'm looking at getting a 1/18 Teton as a starter for my 5 year old son. I would like to SLOW it down as much as possible so he can learn to drive it in the house through the winter months and not break too much stuff. I'll be running it in training mode, but what can I do beyond that to detune it? Gearing options?

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    need to teach him throttle control. the only driving your gonna be able to do inside is crawling. the only thing i know that u can do is set a new throttle end point

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    You can put a piece of hard foam behind the throttle and rubberband it there. So he cant go full throttle. Then when he is ready take the foam off. Hope This Helped!

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