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    Quick diff question

    How do I know when I've blown a diff?
    And how often show I actually go in there and change the grease?

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    For nitro, its recommended after a gallon which could be a weekend of running or a month of running. I know its the emaxx but its about the same amount of wear. Once a month is probably a good amount of time to check.
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    A gallon lasts me way longer than a month. Not sure how often you run, I run 2-4 hours a week and a gallon lasts me 3+ months.

    I do my diffs every 6 months or so. If youve literally blown a diff, youll know because that end of the truck will no longer function (this is where the internal diff cup cracks/explodes). The telltale sign of a bad diff is a clicking or poping noise. With the truck on the ground, stand over it and hold one wheel with either foot (left wheel, left foot, right wheel right foot). Give it some throttle. The truck should strain a little then the slipper clutch will slip as you give more throttle. However, if you hear a popping or clicking noise, its probably the diff gears slipping.

    You may hear the noise on a hard acceleration too, especially in the rear diff.

    If the oil needs to be changed, you will notice that the truck has poor traction, that one wheel tends to get stuck and the other wheel just spins a lot more than usual. This is hard to notice on the Maxx with 4x4 but on the right surface, it is noticeable.

    I recently spun a bearing in my rear diff which caused quite a mess of the diff case. If the bearings are not smooth or seem worn, just replace them. Avid bearings last longer and are cheaper than traxxas, btw.

    You should shim ur diffs, Ill try to post some pictures up to show how I did it when my shims come, but this might help.
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