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    Important Traxxas Product Service Bulletin

    Traxxas is issuing a product service bulletin for the DC chargers included with some Traxxas Products due to a possible risk of overcharging a battery. The risk of overcharging occurs when the charger is powered by some automobiles while the automobile’s engine is running.
    Hazard Description:

    The electrical system in some running automobiles can introduce electrical noise that causes the charger to malfunction and overcharge the battery. An overcharged battery poses a hazard by overheating and venting gases.


    The consumer should never use the Traxxas DC charger in an automobile while the engine is running. Affected chargers do not present a risk of overcharging when used with a 12-volt auxiliary power outlet in an automobile while the engine in the automobile is turned off. The charger and the battery being charged should be placed outside of the automobile while charging. Charging progress should always be attended and monitored.

    Discontinue using the charger and contact Traxxas to arrange to have the charger updated with new software free of charge. Fill out the authorization form on this page and follow the instructions.

    Contact Traxxas at:

    By Phone:
    1-888-TRAXXAS toll free in the US only
    972-549-3000 Outside the US

    By Email:

    By Mail:
    6250 Traxxas Way
    McKinney, Texas, USA 75070

    On the Web:

    Go here to see if your charger needs to be updated.
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