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    Alias Reliability/Issues (Motor + Motherboard within two weeks of purchase?)

    Purchased Alias a few weeks ago.

    Purchased camera a few days ago. Shortly after installing the camera, the motors seemed to show signs of giving out. Purchased new ones from microwarehouse, carefully installed them.

    Now, alias will not stay armed for more than 2 seconds, lights on all arms blink which I've read to indicate that the motherboard is in overcurrent protection mode.

    Took out all the motors, turned on, same error.
    Put back in old motors, same error.

    Does this mean motherboard needs to be replaced? What happened? Motherboard/Alias looks undamaged.

    Unsure if I should contact LaTraxas support and go through replacement or send the whole thing back as too unreliable.

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    Couldn't hurt to call.
    1-888-TRAXXAS (1-888-872-9927)
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    Hey Yo Waterboy,

    The LaTrax is really one of the more reliable mini's on the market, now this is not to say that every manufacture that make electronic equipment suffer and every once in awhile issue with QC, however I too suggest calling support and you will find they are ready and very willing to help in any way they can, I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE, you will not find a better customer support with any other quad maker. !!!
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    +1 to both comments above . give them a call and they will get you taken care of. you really cant beat the Alias for durability and fun, and you have nothing to lose by making the call .
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