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    Buying new EMAXX

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    Tomorrow I will be buying a EMAXX and I was just wondering what are the best mods I can make for the truck? Everyone keeps talking about the diffs blowing out? Only one I see to replace is the center diff. What other diffs are you guys talking about and if that's recommended can you provide a link to the stuff and a reason why?

    Also I'll be running on the beach with rocks some times but more often road and grass and jumping it some times. Recommend anything to make it easier on the truck drive train and what not?

    It will be moderate bashing. I wont be bashing quickly through the sand and rocks. just going a good speed and having some fun in water.

    What are your recommendations? I have a Rusler VXL and the drive shafts keep popping off the metal ball. Is that a problem with the EMAXX? Would anyone recommend a center diff? I would like to do all upgrades before driving the truck. BTW, I will only run 4S. ill run two 5800 batts.

    Thanks for looking and providing thoughts.

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    Between the front and rear a arms( inside the bulkheads) there are more differentials. I think with 4s, you will not need to replace much, if anything at all. 6s is where you break everything.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else as well!
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