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    Truck pulling 2wd Slash

    My LHS is starting a truck pulling class. I have a 2wd Slash brushless system. What would be the best gearing for pulling. I'm going to need low end torque not top end speed I'm assuming to pull the sled. Any recommendations on gear ratio and tires?

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    Check out this site for all the info you'll need. Not sure if a vxl system will be too good for pulling.
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    54t spur and 10-11t pinion is as small as you can fit I think. But you want the biggest spur and smallest pinion you can pair up.

    You will also want to rig up a locked rear diff.

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    You can fit a 32 pitch 60 tooth Hot Racing steel spur. It is bowl shaped like the stock spur.

    Get MIP axles. The stock ones will twist like a pretzel under a heavy load like pulling.

    Don't get rpm rear arms. They are too flexible.

    Get very heavy rear springs, or even use steel camber links instead of shocks.

    Get the trx lcg chassis and add on the strc conversion kit. This will make the truck much longer and help keep the front end from coming up so easy. You may even want to add weight to the front bumper.

    2.8 trenchers would be a good start, you may want to add extra glue around the beads just in case.

    You may want to get a more stout motor/ESC combo. Lower kV and higher voltage would be best. If on a budget, you could pick up a 35 turn brushed crawler motor and run it with the vxl ESC on 3s. Turn off the lvc and get an lva.

    Gonna need to make a tow hookup to hook up to the sled. If you can, make it adjustable. Having the sled hook up at different heights will let you adjust how high and fast the front tires come off the ground.
    These are the places I would start...

    Now I know all of that stuff would cost a big hunk of ching, any one of those ideas above will make the slash a better puller. Keep in mind that an SCT truck is one of the worst platforms to convert to a puller. Something with a solid rear axle would fare much better.

    If you do convert it, make sure to make this thread your build thread with lots of pics and some vids of it pulling if you can. I am very interested in what you come up with...
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