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    Slash 4x4 7 Month Review

    Hello forum goers I wanted to tell my thoughts on this amazing rig and what iv'e done to it.

    Also im not really good with words so sorry if its so cheesy you gain ten pounds.


    The slash 4x4 is a 4-wheel drive short course truck from well, Traxxas.

    Once you pull the truck out of the box the level of quality is apparent.

    At that point I had only owned cheap Toy-Grade rc cars that you could get at any super-store, and in my mind, I was comparing it to this Rc Hennessy Venom a had gotten from Toys-R-US (R.I.P). To me that thing was Traxxas level quality.

    So I was going into it with extremely low standards, And to be honest this truck blew me away.

    Well under the "hood" the Sl4sh is sporting the Traxxas Velineon system which includes a 3500kv motor and a 3s capable Electronic Speed Control Which can really get it moving.

    The body is molded in a flexible lexan material, So no need to worry about splintering. Its really painted beautifully, The colors on the Traxxas Racing Edition really pop and the decals really give the body that scale look.

    2.The Durability

    Well overall after 7 months of abuse my truck has held together really well, I've only broken 3 simple parts that being a Caster block, an a-arm, and steering hub I quickly replaced the Caster from plastic to aluminum and its worked like a charm.

    I've rolled, smashed, tumbled, flipped, and so much more you name it, it's happened. The Sl4sh takes all the abuse I can throw at it like a champ

    So unless your really unlucky or Kevin Talbot you should be A-OK.

    3.My cost

    So I really only put about a 100$ into it so far that just being some fans, sway bars, the LCG kit, the aforementioned casters and a-arms, and a light bar

    Saying that you put a 100$ into a "Toy" Car to a normal mortal is a mistake so i'd advise against it

    That said I've really enjoyed every part of the maintenance process though it may be sad to hit a jump and see my baby dragging its hind leg across the street like a wounded dog, I really do enjoy tearing it apart and putting it back together again

    4.What can I get out of a Slash 4x4

    Well child anything you want! You want a desert truck! You can do it, You want a crawler, That's what the TRX-4 is for, but I mean you do you, You want a 100+ Mph speed machine, Oh ho ho you've got it.

    And that's the best part of the Sl4sh if you don't like the color or material of a part just do a quick search on the web, There's just so many possibilities with the Sl4sh it just blows my mind

    Take some of the forum members rigs here such as @Squeegie's poster rig or @Bugged Out's Baja Bug Sl2sh or even @El-Sob's 100mph Sl4sh rig, These just blow my mind

    5.In conclusion

    The Slash 4x4 is great rig overall. With the endless customization possibilities to the off-road prowess anything is possible.

    Thanks for reading

    I'm Just A Guy With A Sl4sh

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    Thanks for the props and glad that you are having fun in this hobby with your Traxxas!
    Creativity is intelligence having fun. -Einstein

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    I also appreciate your kind words! It is hard for some people to understand how a toy truck can bring so many good people together. They just need to buy one and find out
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