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Thread: gtr shocks

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    gtr shocks

    i've decided to come out of land RC retirement with my fav RC. Looking at shocks i see GTR are a good option. Is it the 4wd slash GTR or different? Are the stock springs on the 4wd slash ok for a basher or is there a better spring?

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    I really like the gtrs and yes the ones from the slash 4x4 will be a direct drop in replacement except the top screws.
    Im ok with the springs but it depends on the terrain. I would personally prefer a little harder springs but I heared much bad things about the springs from traxxas (some are shorter and the springrates are unconsistant..) I think there are also assosciated springs but they will be a little loose. there are many threads about the springs out already but most on urc (which is in the mooment down.. )

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    When you install GTR's on a rusty, you'll need different screws to secure the tops to the shock tower. The shoulder screws on the ultra shocks don't work on GTR's. You need longer m3 screws.

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    You will also need to change out the ball joint on the lowers on the front so it fits between the A-arms. Also will need to trim the front body about 1/16 inch at the lower front. I run the stock black springs on the rear and the softer green springs on the front with 30w on all four corners. They are a major upgrade to the stock Ultras.

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