I am sure this might have been answered some where but cant find it.

I have 3 TQi Radios

First Connected to my Revo and Stampede, Works perfectly
Second Connected to my Bandit
Third Connected to my Revo and Bandit, (It is a 4 Channel with Docking base)
All cars are electric

My issue is that I am trying to link my Stampede to the 4ch Remote and can not.
I follow the binding instructions
Press Set on Tx
Power Tx
Press Link on Rx
Power ESC

When ESC powers the Rx flashes Red, Esc goes green, and Tx flashes rapid red (Binding failed)
Now if I turn on the stampede 2ch remote in connect right away.
I can not get the Rx to enter binding mode.

Its not a Tx issue since it works for 2 other cars
Its not a Rx issue since it works for another Tx
Its not a servo issue since there is only one and it works

Any suggestions?