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    unhappy with my purchase

    So my son was diagnosed with cancer and we bought him a large traxx and the first one didn't work out of the box.. So we drove the hour to get to the hobby store the guys there made it right now the second one my son only ran four batteries in the car and now the same thing... Very disappointed in traxxas... Just wasted money and broke my cancer stricken 9 year old boy heartbroken all he wanted was to run his car...

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    Sorry to hear about your son.

    Since we're in the Teton section of the forum I have to ask are you referring to a Teton? Because you say a large Traxxas and the Teton isn't large at all.

    Can you give a little more explanation as to what happened with the trucks? You can call Traxxas and they will most certainly make things better.
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    We certainly monitor the forums and encourage you to contact our customer service department to see what has gone wrong. Toll Free number is 1-888-872-9927 we are here from 8.30am CST to 9.00pm CST Mon-Fri

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