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    Question Converting Traxxas Rally to a Slash 4x4

    Im getting a Traxxas Rally car in late March and was gonna go back And forth from rally to slash.
    Is this all im going need Below?
    Traxxas 2576 Button Head Machine screws, 3x8mm
    Traxxas 2577 Button Head Screw, 3x10mm (6)
    Traxxas 3936 Button Head Machine Screw 4x10mm, 6 piece
    Traxxas 6815 Body Mount Front or Rear, Slash 4x4 (2)
    RPM Traxxas Slash 4x4 Rear Bumper, Blue
    Traxxas 6835 Front bumper and Mount, slash 4x4
    all of this stuff i found on Amazon for a good price.
    Is this all the stuff ill need for this conversion?

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    I did the opposite conversion, and yeah that is all you need.

    I would however suggest checking out can get the front and rear bumper with screws for a package deal pulled from a brand new truck cheaper than amazon. Same deal with the body mounts.

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    DollarHobbyz has the bumpers for $13.50.
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    I did this conversion a little while ago. You need the front and rear bumpers and the front body mounts (rear rally mounts will work). I don't know about the hardware, I think most of it will be interchangeable. Always a good idea to pick up a full screw set to have on hand. You can usually but a full set from an eBay chop shop. I know dollarhobbyz sells screw sets. I got all the parts from them. Cost me like $30 to convert.

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