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Thread: Revo 3.3

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    Revo 3.3

    I have just bought a revo 3.3, having a few problems with it, all my servos are working apart from my throttle servo, it responds when I switch the power on, but get no response when I pull the trigger on the transmitter, yet the steering works fine, is it an issue with the servo , anyone else had this problem, thanks

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    Welcome to the forum and this great hobby of ours.

    I just got a 3.3 roller myself and building it up slowly so I am not sue yet.
    I am coming from electric RC back ground, so I assume they will be different set ups, as there the trhrottle is really based on the end points of the motor system, and making sure that all the trims on the radio transmitter is at zero. Try that first too, puting your throttle trim at 0.

    Some one with more experience on nitro will definetely chime in.
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    Check settings from your transmitter in de menu, you can find information "how to" on the site from traxxas.
    Page 46 :

    Traxxas have different model transmitters, i dont know which one you have.

    You could also get the servo out of his place and checkif it is working without force on it.
    You could also check with an volt meter if it is getting voltage

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    Make sure the throttle servo is not backwards or in the wrong slot. Traxxas receivers have 2 channel 1 steering slots.
    This will TOTALLY work, saw a guy on YouTube do it

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    You can try one of the steering servos in the ch2 slot to see if it works, then you'll know if the servo is the problem. Or you can plug the throttle servo into ch1 and see if the wheel works it.
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