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    Parallel Charging Balance Board

    Right now I use a B6 charger for my two 2s lipos I have for my E-maxx. It takes 1.5-2 hours per 5000mah battery to charge + balance at 5Amps and would like to get faster charge times especially when I get another pair of lipos. Would a balance board let me charge multiple batteries faster than if I did them individually even though I would still be capped at 5Amps? I also don't understand how having more than the 6s limit of the charger (ex. four 2s lipos) would still work for the charger as I don't see how it will actually balance ALL the cells.


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    Following, the traxxas multi charge adapters connect the two batteries in Series and not Parallel therefore they would make out of two 2S-5000mAh a combined 4S-5000mAh battery with the 4S balance connection
    AM Parallel adapter boards would make out of two 2S-5000mAh batteries a combined 2S-10000mAh battery with the 2S balance connection.
    The serial connection has the advantage of balancing each cell individually and can handle different charge levels between the two batteries better than the Parallel connection would.
    As for charging times, well in the perfect theoretical world with the cells closely in balance when you start charging and assuming your B6 charger has a 50W max charging power:
    Serial 4S-5000mAh : 50W / 14.8V = 3.4 A max charge current from the Charger; 5000mAh battery / 3400mA charge= 1.47 hours + some time for CV topping
    Parallel 2S-10000mAh: 50W / 7.4V = 6.8A but the charger has a 5A limit; 10000mAh battery / 5000mA charge = 2.0h + some time for CV topping

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    Best thing is to contact the manufacturer regarding questions about their charger.
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