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    help with servo motor

    Yesterday I was playing with my rustler vxl and first it started to have problems steering to the right, then sometimes when I tried to turn it right or left it didnt make response to it and naw when I turn on the car the servo isn't responding I look into it and the servk is in 1 piece and all the cables are connected ...also I change the batteries of my controller but ut have no response.
    Note: I have no crash so I dont know what happened. ...please helpme if you have any idea. ....thanks

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    take the servo plug on the receiver and plug it in to the throttle channel and see if you can operate the steering with the throttle ,,,,,if it does not work then it could be the servo ,,,,if it works then it could be your receiver or a setting on your transmitter .....try to rebind the tx/rx ,,

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