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    Tire Woes Solved!

    Recently I had bought a really nice set of 1/2 inch offset bead-lock rims for my E-Maxx Brushless truck. The problem was that the tire bead kept slipping from underneath the locking ring. I had tried many things to stop the bead from slipping such as, tightening the ring down tighter, using silicone and even putting the hex screws through the actual bead.

    The latter method of putting the hex screws through the actual bead resulted in the sidewalls shredding themselves into oblivion.

    Then I sat down and started to think along a more authentic approach to solving this common problem of tire beads slipping the ring lock.

    Here is what I did to solve this annoying problem:

    Firstly, I got myself some screen spline:

    Secondly, I cut it to the diameter of the ring lock gap seat:

    Then lastly and thirdly, I made sure that the screen spline was behind all the clamping hex hardware before clamping it all the way down:

    Essentially, what this did, was make a very excellent clamping wedge between the ring, tire bead and rim bead lock groove making it virtually impossible for the tire to slip out from underneath the ring.

    So, if the next time you buy some bead-lock rims and they suggest putting the hex hardware directly through the actual tire bead, and you really don't want to do it that way; maybe this solution can be your alternative to saving your sidewalls from annihilation.
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    Nice idea. Have you tried everything out yet?
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