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    Tip for getting more speed from your Nitro Slash

    Tip for more speed from you Nitro Slash: Install a Jato tranny

    Final touches are getting done tomorrow after work. Zip-ties on exhaust joints, tuned pipe wire, etc. to be installed and then time to fire up the engine and give it a whirl. Max RPM of this engine and the gearing have a theoretical top-end of 69mph which should make for a great basher. Also going to devise a new rear brace for the tranny to the upper deck to reduce chassis flex.

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    That's pretty cool. The slash transmission is actually quite a bit stronger than the jato's, so be careful not to strip the gears.

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    The two speed tranny would be a huge selling point for me. Been thinking about buying a slash for a while

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    A clean as some of the rigs are on this site makes me wonder if they're ever actually run. Even after a thorough cleaning my rigs NEVER look that spiffy. LOL
    Good times don't just happen.

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    more info on this?

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