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    Best Brushed Set Up For A Stampede

    I've got a 2wd Stampede and I'm looking to get more out of it with out going brushless, i don't have the resources for that right now. I'm looking for a solid, reliable, powerful brushed motor that will work with my XL5 esc, I'm also running a Venom 2S 5000. I'm currently running an Electrify S-600 with a 83t spur and a 21t pinon, in all it runs great and doesn't give me much trouble but i want more but again with out going brushless. Currently the best sounding motor I've found is the Reedy Radon 17T Brushed Motor but i don't much about it, just what other people have said about it. So if anyone has any ideas that would be great. Thanks

    Also, how do you put pictures in?
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    Is there something wrong with your current motor? I use brushless so quote me if wrong, but the Titan 12T that comes with the XL-5 I here is great. Don't here many people disappionted with them, so if yours is running slow it may be a problem with the motor or battery.

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    If your motor is still working I would suggest just stay with it and save money. I didn't want to shell out for a brushless set for my son at first. He kept burning up titans and in the end I could have bought the sv3/3800 combo twice. We used the HPI firebolt for a while and liked it. Just put the cake combo in this week and wish we had done it long ago.

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    Do you not want to go brushless?

    Just an FYI, you can get a good brushless system for under $100 and use the same batteries and charger you already have. Maybe you know this so I apologize in advance.

    The one Zambo is referring to is $102 on Amazon.

    Maybe that's a lot, but as was said already, if I would have bought it when my FIRST brushed motor broke, I would have broke even.

    Sorry I don't have any advise about the brushed motor you asked about.

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