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    One day it's doing wheelies,the next min...

    I was running beautiful the other night,huge wheelies then it died. I could fire it right back up and would idle fine but would die when I excellerTed it would die. Not only that but I had fuel leaking everywhere. So upon inspection I found out loctite on my head screws hardened and kept the head from sealing . So corrected the problem,now it will fire up nicely and idle, drive around for about a min then completely dies with no warning. Doesn't matter what part of the throttle spektrum I'm in it dies and just rolls to a stop. Anybody have any pointers or advice? Thanks for your time.

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    This honestly makes little to no sense at all. Loctite is a thread locker to prevent screws from comming loose. It also hardens immediately. If your spraying fuel from the head. Remove the head inspect the gasket and the piston.
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