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    Ken Block Gymkhana and Traxxas Rally brushed edition

    Hi, I would like to know how well does that brushed motor do on these rc cars. In the past I have had e-revo 1/16 brushless and it was quite powerful. I would like to know if this brushed 12T 550 motor is capable of spinning wheels easily on gravel and sand. My goal is to drift with it, dual batteries(nimh) for longer drive(not for extra power). Is that motor enough?
    Never driven a rc car with brushed motor before and I'm concerned that the motor doesn't have enough torque.


    EDIT: I meant Traxxas Ford fiesta not rally, just in case they are different.

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    The 12T 550 with Nimh is more than enough for the 1/16's. However, what is really enough.
    I geared mine super low with the tranny flipped. It has a center diff with a one way clutch for the front. It is a dedicated drifter. It is super fun.

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