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    Question Jato brake disc cracked in half on 6th break-in this normal?

    I have a Nitro Slash with a Jato transmission that I just put together from parts that I bought from a reputable online source. All parts were new including the transmission. As I was breaking in the engine, I was on the 6th tank and was just starting to open it up, hit 2nd and came to a crashing halt after hitting the brakes and nothing. It had worked fine up to that point and when I went to get the truck in some high grass, I killed the engine immediately and checked it out only to find half the brake disc on the shaft.

    I've started to research Jato brake problems, but I haven't seen issues with the disc cracking (at least not yet) only threads about poorly performing brakes and various upgrades to fix that. Anyone have any idea what would have caused this?

    BTW, this is a pic of the truck in question from a couple weeks ago while I was still adding parts to it to finish it up and you can clearly see the Jato tranny on it:

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    i have had it happen to me on my rusty,(basicly the same truck and set up) the factory brakes are junk, as im sure you have gatherd from your experiance and others aswell, get the HotRacing dual brake rotor set up. the problem will be non-existant, also you will most likly run into chassis flex problems with out a trans brace of some kind. i used a combined version of the jato and rusty brace to mount correctly. if you want more info send me a PM ill be more then happy to explain the details.
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