Hi Traxxas Team,

I'm running a Mustang VXL. I use two LiPo in parallel mode.
The ESC is configured in sport mode.

I was bashing today some turn's and immediately the car stopped moving forward. When I removed the body I just saw a very dark red LED at ESC. The receiver box LED was completely dark.

Normally, I face a two green LED's at ESC and receiver box. I switched off the power completely from the ESC (unplugged the batteries) and the remote control. When I switched on the ESC (with batteries) the ESC LED shined green but the receiver box LED shined "red" which is not normal. When I switch on the remote control additionally the receiver LED went to dark and the ESC LED went to something dark red.
When I switch-off the remote control after some time the ESC changes to green and the receiver LED changes to red again.

I don't know what the hack is going on here?

Any help kindly appreciated,