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    LiPo Safety Question

    NOTE: This is not the same question I posted in the NiMH forum. This question is regarding LiPo batteries.

    I purchased about four LiPo Traxxas batteries at the beginning of 2012. Due to personal reasons, I have never had the chance to use them. They are brand new in the box, and have been sitting on a shelf in my bookcase since their purchase. I bought them from Tower Hobbies, so I'm not sure how they ship them (completely discharged, storage mode etc.).

    My questions:

    1) Is it safe for me to try and charge (and use) these batteries? I have a Duratrax charger that accommodates balanced charging, and also charges two batteries at once.

    2) If it is safe to charge these batteries, do you think they will work properly (hold a charge)?

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