This is a question about the red and green lights on the Traxxas 4 amp 6/7 cell NiMH DC Peak Charger - the one that comes with the RTR trucks.

The instruction manual says that the green light blinks 1, 2, 3, or 4 times, depending on the percentage of charge of the battery. The instructions also say the green light stays "on" (no blinking) when it is fully charged.

My charger only has one blink every couple of seconds. Never a double, triple or quadruple blink. And then the light goes out after a period of time. No solid green that I ever noticed, unless the cigarette lighter plug is unplugged while the battery is still connected. Customer support mentioned that the green light only stays on solid for 4 minutes after the battery is fully charged and then goes out. I've charged the battery several times and never yet noticed the green light being on solid after any length of time.

So, my question is this: What is defective? The battery? The charger? Or the instruction manual?