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    Battery recommendations?

    Hello all,
    Picked up a ken block 1/16th, it's all stock that I know of. It didn't come with any batteries and seeing what size/ combo everyone is liking. I'm keeping this on road for now, I've had acouple other 1/16th's but they were off road, or I switched them to off road. I'm not new to the hobby, and am a experienced driver. Would want something that would give me some speed, but not a over kill for the car. I have the connector to run 2 batteries also. Thanks in advance!

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    A KB Fiesta has the same motor system as a MERV, so here are the Traxxas battery recommendations:

    Note that the current Traxxas Powercell LiPos require an iD-compatible charger or an adapter for a charger with a standard balance tap.

    There are also these choices from SPC Racing:
    Alt-248 on the number pad =

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