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    castle motor sounding weird HELP

    My castle sidewinder sct motor was squeaking so i took off the pinion gear and turned the thing the gear sits on. It would squeak, took the inside motor screws of and tryed it take off the magnetic thing but decided not to mess with it. Put everything back on and now it makes a noise that sounds like there is dirt in there, or something is grinding. Thanks for all your help.

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    From what your saying it sounds like one of the bearings are toast. Good luck replacing them, the bearings are press-fitted in there. I had the same problem with one of my previous motors but castle gave me a discount on a new one because the motor was one of the defected motors from the year before. You might Get the same luck if you motor was made before July 1st 2014.

    If anybody figures out how to get castle motor bearings out I'd love to hear it!
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    Being this is a Castle product and really not Traxxas related at all you need to contact Castle Tech Support for help with their product. On the good side their tech support is very helpful and will be happy to help you solve this issue.
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