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    Protrac kit and MIPs...

    I'm thinking about getting the protrac kit for my stampede 4x4....I didn't want to do it, but after looking at some info from other users, it looks like it can only make the truck more fun. I'm a little confused about the info on protrac's site regarding the MIP X-Duty CVDs. They list two item numbers that aren't the same as the numbers I was sold for my stampede. I bought 11109 and 11110. I don't want to order the protrac kit and find out I should have ordered something additional to make it fit. Does anyone have any insight to this?

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    I ran the protrac kit on my p4de for a while along with mip x dutys. U shouldn't have a problem as long as u ordered the protrac kit for a pede 4x4 it will fit don't worry. Just a word of caution the protrac kit is not as durable as rpm a arms and they are more prone to braking if u bash hard. That's the main reason I switched back to rpm arms. But my pede is really a lot heavier than a stock pede I'm running 1/8th system in it . I also used them on my 2wd pede that was lighter and they worked
    Really well on that truck. Def made the truck handle corners a lot better and less roll overs. U have any more questions just let me know if I can help

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