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    Question charging time and any warnings?

    Hello again, it has been a really long time since I used my car/batteries.

    Is there anything I should be concerned about since I haven't charged the batteries in probably a year or so?

    I have two SMC5000maH batteries with an Onyx150 charger if that helps.

    I just remember many people saying there are dangers with LIPOs and leaving them uncharged for periods of time. Mine haven't blown up during storage so thats a good thing.

    Thanks in advance.

    looking forward to getting my car up and running again vroom vroom!

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    Check if the batteries are swollen, don't charge if they are. If they are not swollen try to balance charge them (the charger won't charge them if a cell is too low) and use normal precautions ( no flammable material near, do not charge unattended,....)

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    Best to contact SMC about their batteries.
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