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Thread: Lipo Break In?

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    Lipo Break In?

    Hey guys,
    are you doing a break in with new lipos or just charge and run them?

    Is there a break in procedure recommended by Traxxas?


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    found this thread for you But i have 4 onyx 2s 5000mah i did a 3 run break in not running them all the way down and 2 just kind of ran them. two that i broke in had the same amount of power then the two i didn't but it does take a few cycles to get them to peak power especially if they come with a stabilizer for when the where on the shelf. they need to work that stabilizer out of them so the pack can run to the max. One thing i would recommend is if your set up is a continues high power draw to take it a little easy the first couple of runs to make sure you don't over work your packs to get the stabilizer out. If there traxxas i would use this break in if not traxxas lipos would see if you can find a break in procedure for that manufacture. There are some company's that say to do a up to a 12 cycle break in. And if you can try to set your peak voltage a little lower on your charger ive seen there is a pretty good difference between 4.20 standered to 4.10 seems to give a longer lifetime to the pack

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    Can I mixed any Lipos together in series? I saw people mixing 2s and 3s together but what about voltage ?

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    connecting in series increases the Voltage, so putting a 2S and a 3S gives you a 5S. However the 2S and 3S should be the same capacity, manufacturer and age otherwise the cells can become so far out of balance during use that some cells can get damaged (LVC only looks at the total voltage)

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