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    LiPo Newbie

    Hey Guys,

    So I just picked up my a new SPC 5000mah LiPo and the Traxxas EZ Peak charger. The first charge timed out after about 2 hours at 1C. I read on the instructions that came with the battery to not go over 2C. However, I've been reading a ton of posts trying to put the pieces together and it sounds like I can go up to 4C (chargers max) as it is a 5000mah that right? Also, is it normal to take over an hour and a half to fully charge at 2C? How long does it take to get to storage level?

    Any info is appreciated!

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    For advice on Traxxas chargers, head to that subforum.
    For advice on SPC batteries, ask them or see the instruction sheet that is shipped with each one. SUPPORT of non-Traxxas items is not permitted.

    FWIW, a 2C charge on a 5000mAH (5AH) battery is 10A. If your charger is the model #2970 EZ-Peak Plus 4-amp NiMH/LiPo Fast Charger, then 4A is your maximum charge rate, not 4C. If you are charging at 2A, then over 90 minutes to full makes sense.
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