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Thread: Gear slipping?

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    Gear slipping?

    Hi all,

    The car was working fine and I've haven' used it extensively. I traveled to Europe and used it for 1 minute or two and now the wheels don't rotate. The engine whirls but the wheels don't move. If i rotate the wheels by hand when the engine is on you hear a scraping sound. Like gears slipping next to each other but not catching. Is there anything I can do to reengage the gears?

    Thanks in advance.


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    The pinion probably came loose. Or the spur gear stripped.

    Open up the gear cover and see if you can see these gears.

    For a detailed view of the rear of the truck, look here

    That top cover, part number 6877 is the one to open and the pinion gear is attached to the motor.

    If you open that and move the truck you might find your issue.

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    Would also think one of the possibilities FMcamaraoZ28 mentioned.

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