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    Faster speed from NIMH Battery

    I have both the 7.4 NIMH that came with my slash 4x4 ultimate and the 2s lipo 7.4 25c seems i am getting 40mph from the nimh and only like 34 mph from the lipo Im new to all this any info would be great its totally stock no upgrades except rpm a arms and rpm front and rear bumpers. Do I need to change gearing for the lipos?

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    I'm kinda new to all this myself, but is there any chance you are in training mode ( 50% ) once you switch it to Lipo from Nimh?

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    NiMh packs typically have a higher starting voltage than LiPos do when they're fully charged, but they drop off far more quickly. Usually after the first few minutes the LiPo will be more powerful, and will maintain that power far better.

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