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    Exclamation My Teton doesn't drive, please help!

    Hello everybody,

    A week ago I ordered the LaTrax Teton. It's a very nice car, but since yesterday, when I charged the batteries and wanted to drive, it didn't work. But I don't know why!
    I know that the problem is not the battery because I tried it on another
    car, en it drove well. Also, on my Teton, the steering does work.
    When I try to accelarate, the red light on the ESC goes out and back on, and when I break it goes out and on again.
    (This is the link to a video, if my explanation isn't that clear)
    I also checked the wires and I believe those are connected well. But when I messured the Volts on the motor, the meter said 0.00, also when I pulled the throttle. So I think it must be a setting in the ESC, but I have no idea what it
    is and how to change it.
    Can anyone please help me?


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    Sounds like you may have a bad esc call latrax for more help they will most likely have you send your esc in.

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