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    New to the RC Game with a 4x4 slash

    Hi everyone, I recently walked into a local big box store and bought a 1/10 scale Slash 4x4 which is marketed up here in Canada as the mark Jenkins edition. I haven't done much to it yet so it's 99% stock all I added was silver sway bars and I can't find what I did with the black ones. The skocks are at the uppermost point at the top and innermost point on the bottom all the way around. I added thick spacers on top of what came stock on the rear springs and smaller ones on the front but she's still dragging her rear bad. I'm considering switching to the slayden set up but haven't decided yet so here's a few questions I have,

    1. What can I do to get my rear end off the ground?
    2. What part are good to switch from plastic to Aluminum?
    3. What is a good all around reccomended set up for all terrain, including pavement and a more bashing type terrain?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Welcome to your new obsession. This is the 2WD Slash forum, but there are enough of us here that own both...

    1. Are you wanting to raise the truck, or keep it from slapping the ground on landings?
    Going to assume the latter of the two... Recommend thicker oil, 40 - 45 WT all around is a good start. Get rid of the progressive springs, they are junk, go with Losi springs front and back. While you are changing the shock oil, recommend replacing the plastic shock caps with aluminum.

    2. General rule, if it takes a direct shock, you want plastic (stock or RPM), this includes the arms, skids, bumpers and body posts. Great aluminum upgrades are bulkheads, motor plate, carriers, C-hubs, shocks. For aluminum parts, go with Traxxas, STRC, Vanquish, and HR, steer clear of Integy.

    3. I like Trenchers for general bashing, they hook up well on most surfaces.
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    Thanks a lot sir always willing to take advice from sailors. Thanks a bunch.

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    get yeti shocks
    sounds crazy but thats what i did

    it works ive tried to push my rc to the ground it doesnt even touch the ground now

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    Thanks a bunch.
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    As usual, Greatscott gave excellent advice.

    Springs are what hold the RC up. The stock progressives should do the job well but they are designed to make body roll for realism. This isn't good for racing. Linear springs are what racers use. Losi springs fit perfectly.

    Depending on the track/terrain, you may wish to either go either with firm shocks or soft.

    My track is uber bumpy so I use no sway bars, front springs are Losi Blue (3.8 rate) and rear springs are Losi Green (3.7 rate) with stock shock oil. If you track is smooth, then you will want to go with thicker shock oil, black sway bars, and Losi Black and Blue, front and back respectively. If your chassis is only slapping the ground after big jumps, then that is fine and to be expected.

    Losi Springs Chart

    Losi Part #, Rate, Color

    2" Springs (for front)
    LOSA-5128, 2.5 lb., Red
    LOSA-5129, 2.9 lb., Orange
    LOSA-5130, 3.2 lb., Silver
    LOSA-5132, 3.5 lb., Green
    LOSA-5134, 3.8 lb., Blue
    LOSA-5135, 4.5 lb., Black

    2.5" Springs (for back)
    LOSA-5150, 2.3 lb., Pink
    LOSA-5152, 2.6 lb., Red
    LOSA-5154, 2.9 lb., Orange
    LOSA-5156, 3.4 lb., Silver
    LOSA-5158, 3.7 lb., Green
    LOSA-5160, 4.1 lb., Blue

    Hope this helps you.
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