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    How do I adjust the break on the Revo?

    Just finishing breaking in the engine today on the Revo and the break is really soft. How do I adjust the break to make it stop quicker? Thanks.
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    first you have to make sure your throttle and brake set up is adjusted correctly. then we can go from there into the actual "brake" adjustments. i am only to assume that you are new to rc in general, so DO NOT USE THE TRIM ON THE CONTROLLER TO ADJUST EITHER THROTTLE OR BRAKE!!!
    please read below

    take off your air filter and watch your carb work while using your remote to give throttle and brake.

    at 0% throttle make sure the carb is resting on the idle screw.

    check positition at 25%, 50% and 100% throttle throw, adjust the servo horn if needed.

    after throttle is set we can adjust the brake.

    at 0 brake throw check the condition of the brake pads and rotor "distance" or slop between them, and then check the linkage or "hanger" that attaches to the brake assembly(from the servo horn) for slop.

    check reistance at the same intervels as throttle, but it is adjusted differently.

    if the brake hangers have slop you can tighten that by loosening the "stop" with a small allen then sliding it over a little bit to reduce slop in the hanger before it grabs the brake assembly. this will slightly increase stopping force aswell. if it is set good already then do not mess with this, and read below.

    to actualy adjust the brake disk engagment distance, there are two black screws that hold the brake pads in place, thighten them 1\4 turn EACH at a time, till you get it where you like the stopping power, you may have to readjust your brake linkage or "hanger" after this adjustment.
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    That's a rally good post by mxaustin, a lot covered there. One thing to add though, once you have verified everything listed above you can simply turn the gray plastic knob on the end of the metal rod that tugs on the brake arm. Turn it in so there is still just a hair of freeplay and you should be good.

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