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    Question Is this a good run video?

    Is this a good run video, or should I hold myself to a higher standard?
    You can reply here, or on the video. Thanks!

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    I liked the video.

    If I could criticize one thing... a little less volume on the music. The music selection was fine, but I always, no matter what I'm watching, want to actually hear the thing I'm watching.

    I do give you big props on one thing. A huge number of r/c videos start out with the person fumbling around with their body and then we have to watch a minute and a half of them trying to get the body clips on, one handed. LOL. I like how your video just got right to the action.

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    liked the video ....did not care for the music as it was too loud for me.... I can see that you put a good amount of effort in to the editing ... as for a good or bad video ,, that depends on what you are asking that it is good for ,,, or what you were trying to accomplish for it to be judged good or bad.. if you could be more specific it is it like 1000s of other videos ,,loud music and heavily edited action ,,,if that is what you wanted you hit your mark ,,, in my opinion you should figure out what audience you want and play to that specific audience ,, then ask does this video do this and get the necessary feedback to fine tune your videos to attract the desired following....right now because of how general the question only you can determine if it was a good video because the nobody knows what you want to accomplish ,,, at this point I can only guess ...if you are happy I'm happy.. will I subscribe ,,,,, if you make a video that has the content I want yes , your editing skills seem to be fine .. but I have long since moved on from loud music heavily edited action videos to more specific topics like custom building , modifications , repair or group rc activity that have more specific content .

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