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    Battery sat for a year...dead?

    Hello All,

    sorry for the rookie question in advance...this is all German to me.

    I have a slash with a Venom 8000 20c LiPo battery. I moved, and it sat in storage for almost a year. I hooked it up to a Passport UltraSport using the same settings it previously had saved, but kept getting an error. I have been all over their site, manuals etc. but can't seem to get anywhere. Is this battery toast? I was set to charge at 6.0a, 7.4v and was load balancing. The initial error was "balancer no connect." So, I read to move to another option to charge with no balancing, but then errors were ERR Batt Over Voltage, and then WARN Volt select Err. I may have to take this charger and battery in to get it checked guess is, it is toast.

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    Best thing to do is to contact Venom to discuss issues with their battery and Dynamite for their charger. This forum is for Traxxas support only.
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