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    difference between silver and blue chassis

    just picked up a nice used slayer. The question I have is I see pictures on here of slayers with both silver chassis' and blue chassis'. Mine has the silver chassis. What is the difference? Is one better than the other? Thanks.
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    Blue is the slayer pro version and the silver is the slayer. Blue is longer like the current version

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    blue is the revo 3.3 chassis
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    Quote Originally Posted by mxaustin View Post
    blue is the revo 3.3 chassis
    or the revo 2.5
    Also the chassis could have been de-anodized making the blue silver in color.

    The difference between the two chassis is 30mm everything is interchangeable with the exception of the front driveshaft.
    Easiest way to tell is look at the front servo locations and check to see if they are almost even with the front bulkhead cutout or pushed back 30mm for the longer chassis and end up with the servos being even with the shocktower. Another giveaway is the extra set of holes behind the shocktower on the long chassis.



    Advantages to the shorter chassis include quicker turning and are better for tight tracks. When used with the shorter arms and traxxas rims or associated rims with longer arms can fit under a standard slash or 1/10 trophy truck body. The wheel wells will line up perfectly.

    Longer chassis is more stable at speed and soaks up bumps better especially when used with longer slayer pro arms. Requires slightly larger body.
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