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    Question My newset run video of my Slash 2wd with Action Camera, Good?

    Is my Action camera doing a good job? It is called a GeekPro, shoots in 1080p, was this a good video for testing out the camera, I am aware it is not WELL produced as it was only a test, if you want to see better produced videos check out my other ones.
    The video link is this:

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    Better music this time, but I had to skip through the video, too unstable and it was making me sick, even when the RC was on smooth ground. Seems like there is something off on the frame rate, and there is a lot of distortion when the truck was on rough ground.

    You are going to get a little distortion when driving on rough roads, but that is REALLY excessive. It is like you camera and how it stores the data before writing onto the card. Here is one I shot, in the beginning it is bumpy, and you can see the same distortion, but not nearly as bad. Plus, cameras like these always do worse in lower light levels.
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    I would prefer to listen to the engine or motor as well as the tires on the gravel rather than any kind of music. You need a better camera as this one has horrible color and seems to be mounted on Jello. Sorry, but I couldn't watch it for more than ten seconds before closing the tab.
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    Sorry but I can't disagree with the prior two posts.
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    Just how is your camera mounted? Velcro to the roof of the car? I would think that if it were rigid mounted the motion sickness problem would go away. I could be entirely wrong as well. I am looking to do the same thing, but inside the car for the camera mount. What are the rest of you guys doing for the "in car experience"?

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    I just dont like uncut videos... I really prefer watching cutted vids with a steady cam where you see that there has been put a lot of effort into it. (like this one ) But at least you did leave those boring "put the body on" szenes away....
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