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    Reassembly after cleaning

    I cleaned my Teton because there was sand in the rear diff (and in all other places). There was a clicking sound, which many others have encountered.

    After reassembly, the car is now a 2wd instead of the 4wd.

    The driveshaft is not properly attached and the front wheels are not receiving any power/torque from the motor.

    Please give some advice on how to properly assemble the driveshaft. How is it even possible to assemble the car in a way where this can happen?

    Sorry about my n00b question and thanks for your help!

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    Try to assemble it the way you took it apart.

    First time i reassembled it i put the front diff in the wrong way and the front and rear wheels spun opposite directions so it won't move, it would spin its wheels and stay in 1 spot.
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    The first time I blew the rear diff the front driveshaft fell out and the pinion gear fell off the shaft. Must disassemble the entire front end and put gear back on drive shaft.

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