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    Brushless 1/16th ken block

    Hi everyone help needed please
    I bought a brushless ken block fiesta (model 7309) second hand , the car does not look like it's done much work ,so put new battery's in it and turned handset and car on and without pressing trigger the car just shoots off , so followed instructions to reset it and it worked as it should (yesterday ) so tried it out today and it has gone back as it was just shooting off without doing anything :-( , as anyone else has this problem is it poss the esc unit or the handset
    Thanks steve .
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    You are in the wrong sub forum. Expect a mod to move this thread around soon...

    To answer your question, always turn on the transmitter (remote control, or handset as you call it.) first, and then turn on the car.

    If you are using the traxxas transmitter, there is also switch to modify the throttle position 50/50 or 70/30. Make sure its always at the same position.

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    Thread moved.
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