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    Question Oh my- In need of help again

    So i had just bought 2 - 5000 mah 8.4v nimh batteries. After the first battery had fully charged on the charger i went to put the next one on. NOT thinking, i was trying to get the battery connector off the one i had already charged (not even considering each battery came with it's own connectors) and it was a struggle to get that connector off the batteries connector prongs, and so to make it easier i used a flathead screwdriver. well during that process the screwdriver came in contact with the batteries connector prongs and sparks flew! Now i am deathly afraid to plug it in to see if it even works anymore or if i just wasted a brand new battery with my idiocy. So, question being, Did i just ruin a perfectly good and brand new battery and if not, do i have to worry about anything internally of the battery as in the cells? did i ruin a cell or all the cells? I doubt anyone has ever even done this (at least i doubt anyone reading this has) so maybe noone knows, but i had to ask. I'm really hoping and praying i didn't mess this up. i'm fairly new to RC so a definate rookie/noob mistake. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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    The battery will be just fine as long as you didn't weld the screwdriver to the contacts

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